How to Budget for College Students

Habitación residencia LIV

Proper money management is essential for any university student. At LIV Student, we understand the importance of establishing a clear and realistic budget that allows you to cover your basic needs and enjoy your university experience to the fullest. That’s why we’ll tell you how to create and maintain a budget for university students. Assess […]

9 excursions near Porto for students


As a university student in Porto, you have the opportunity to explore not only the city, but also the surrounding area and discover fascinating places. Within a short distance from Porto, you will find perfect destinations for day trips or even weekend excursions – don’t miss the opportunity to take these trips while studying in […]

What to study in Porto and where

If you are considering studying abroad and are looking for a city full of charm, history and academic opportunities, Porto is an excellent choice. Located on the northwest coast of Portugal, Porto offers a wide range of high-quality academic programmes. To help you make the best choice, we will tell you what to study in […]

Choosing the right university degree for you

Estudantes curso universitário

Choosing the right university degree is one of the most important decisions in any young person’s life. Studies show that two out of three students do not know what career they should choose; and one in three young people make the wrong career choice. The career you choose at university is likely to be your […]

10 tips for managing exam stress

Some stress can be a good thing, as it is often the driving force behind challenging situations. However, dealing with too much stress can be very challenging and even paralysing. Especially before an exam. If exam season stresses you out so much that it affects your academic performance, here are some tips to help you […]

Fun and entertainment without leaving the student accommodation

atividades especiais que fazem parte da Experiência de Residente.

One of the best parts of living in a LIV Student accommodation is enjoying the special facilities and activities that are part of the Resident Experience. Among the common areas, we have spaces where you can have fun and have a good time with your flatmates and friends of the accommodation. In addition, we periodically […]

Porquê estudar no Porto como estudante Erasmus?

Erasmus at Porto

Porto is the second most visited Portuguese city by Erasmus students. Do you know why? This city, with its vintage charm, offers a relaxed lifestyle that university students love. It is the perfect place to receive an excellent education and at the same time, explore a spectacular culture and gastronomy. If you are already planning […]

Student journal: how to form a successful study group

grupo de estudo

Study groups are great for improving your learning and giving you a better grasp of class topics. If you are part of a good study group, the task of understanding and memorising content will be more enjoyable. In addition, you will enjoy a relaxed and productive environment in the process. At some universities, it is […]

Studying in Porto: A Complete Guide for New University Students

guia completo para novos estudantes

Today, Porto is home to approximately 13,000 foreign students. The figure is already staggering and does not include Portuguese students who move to Porto to study at its universities. What does it all mean? That Porto is a university town full of a youthful and interesting vibe. If you are thinking of studying in Porto […]

8 reasons to study at the University of Porto

Studying at the University of Porto is a wonderful and enriching experience. Being part of a cosmopolitan community, receiving quality education and enjoying the Portuguese way of life are some of the reasons why thousands of university students choose to study in Porto. Porto is Portugal’s second largest city. It is home to an enchanting […]