Here are frequently asked questions about LIV Student.

What is LIV Student?

LIV Student is a dedicated and specialized team that aims to provide a new generation of student accommodation.

Our goal is to make your student life and time the best possible, providing an exceptional experience, where the sense of community exists, a place to live, grow and have memories for life.

Our motto is: Work hard. Help others. Have fun.

How do I book a room?

Booking a room with us is easy.
Online – enter our website and choose your favorite apartment. Once chosen, click book now. We will receive the reservation and confirm with you all the details. We like to customize.

Telephone – If online reservations are not for you, feel free to call us, send a message, WhatsApp (+351) 912 266 851 or email porto@livstudent.com, whichever way you prefer, we are here for you. If you have any special requirements, such as living with friends or choosing a specific floor, please let us know and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.

Do I have to be a student to live at LIV Student?

Yes. As our name implies, students are our focus. All residents must be full-time or part-time students and believe it.

What is your Student Experience Program?

It is a series of events designed to encourage all of our residents to absorb our SPIRIT or Spirit, while making friends, and taking care of each other while discovering new experiences.

SPIRIT stands for Social, Personal, Intellectual, Recreational, Inspirational and Pensive. Our residents will co-create the program with us.

During the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the rules of social detachment and advice on how to stay safe will apply.

Here's a taste of what to expect:

  • Fitness and exercise programs
  • Cooking classes
  • Music sessions
  • Discounts and offers in places of interest
  • Online discounts with ethical partners
  • Lectures, debates and discussions on topics that affect students today, guided by leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Guidelines on how to find balance and attention
  • Mental health and wellness sessions
Can I live with my friends?

Yes. Please, call or give us the name of your friends at the time of booking and we will do everything possible to ensure that you are living together.

We want to ensure that all of our residents share a space with like-minded people, so if you are booking individually, with no special requests to live with friends, as long as possible we allocate the room close to students from the same university or the same year than you.

How does your referral program work?

Both residents who make LIV Student known to their friends, as well as those who come from these friends, both receive rewards from us.

Do you offer rooms for disability?

In our policy, everyone is welcome and our facilities are prepared for everyone's needs. LIV Student is fully accessible and all areas and places have access for reduced mobility. If you have any medical requirements or reduced mobility, please call us so that we can install and prepare a plan for your needs.

Do I need a guarantor?

We have several payment options for you with no mandatory guarantor. In the case of accommodation reservations for children under 18 years old, a guarantor may be requested using the requested form of payment.

What is included in the monthly rent?

The rental price includes all expenses (water, electricity, internet and gas), a monthly cleaning in the room and access to all common areas of our residence (gym, swimming pool, multimedia room, karaoke, study and study room, games, among others).

What do I need to have with me?

First, all the necessary documents, mainly in relation to the University. As well as personal items such as bed linen and towels, basic kitchen utensils (pots and pans, set of plates and cutlery). Optional items, such as decoration (photographs, ornaments, fragrance diffusers …) are at the discretion of the resident.

What is Security Deposit and what is it for?

The security deposit is the term attributed to the amount of the deposit made by our residents. This title is deposited at the bank and returned at the end of your stay with us. In case of non-payment or damage to the room (in addition to the shared kitchen-room in the case of shared apartments, and common areas of the Residence), we will deduct the respective amounts from that deposit. Therefore, it is important that your room and all facilities are used responsibly.

How do deposits work?

All deposits are kept safe, complying with all authorized government rules, prepared to make the return at the end of your stay with us. We will remove any charges for damages or necessary for cleaning from your deposit in the final period of your accommodation, so both your room and the common areas deserve all your respect.

Can I review the accommodation agreement before booking a room?

Yes, sure! When you start your online reservation, or when we invite you to book, you will create your accommodation contact, which will include your preferred contacts. Only after checking the entire contract, you will have the option to complete it.

When is rent due?

We offer several different payment plans, because we know that everyone's financial situation is different. You can pay four installments, in monthly installments or in full, as you prefer.

Your rental contract will show you your payment dates, and you can check your rental schedule through the online portal. Contact us to discuss the best form of payments for you.

I haven’t received my loan and cannot afford my rental instalments – what do I do?

It is a situation that can happen. We understand. Your student loan may be late or something may interfere with your ability to pay your rent on time. Don't panic!

Contact the reception and tell us what is going on, so that we can help you. This may include a payment change for a later date. Keep us informed.

Do you offer shorter contracts?

We have a limited number of short-term contracts. Call us to present your case and so that we can advise you accordingly.

Do you allow pets?

Sorry – our policy does not allow us to receive animals. This also includes pet fish.

Guide dogs and animals for therapy are allowed. Please speak with a member of our team for more information in this regard.

Will the gym be open?

We are very careful to monitor the Government's recommendations on issues of social distance and at this moment, we plan to open our gym. You can train safely, with restrictions on the number of people using the gym at the same time, and that will mean less equipment than normal.

Please use the gym's disinfection area regularly, and follow the safety instructions.

Opening hours may be reduced to allow extra cleaning and sanitization.

We will respond quickly to any new restrictions in the light of new data on outbreaks and risks. We ask for your understanding regarding any changes that we will have to face.

What equipment is usually in the gym?

Gym equipment may vary. In short, we have free weights and other weight training equipment, cardiovascular training equipment and yoga mats. For more information about any specific material, please contact us directly and we will clarify.

    Can I park my car?

    We have our own private parking. Any questions or specific questions about the park, please contact our team by phone or email.


    Do you have security?

    All LIV Student Residences are open 24 hours a day – there is always a team member available to chat whenever you have a problem to solve. CCTV is also available to ensure your security and peace of mind.

    How do I handle a maintenance request?

    Our team will always be available to dedicate themselves and solve any maintenance problem that may arise during your stay with us. You can register any problem, and you must contact us through the portal, email or directly at the reception.

    How do I find out who I am living with?

    For data protection reasons, we are not allowed to give names or contact details, but before your check-in we will provide welcome information. This will include how you can connect with everyone who is moving to LIV Student.

      What kitchen equipment is supplied in the shared apartment?

      The kitchens of our Cluster have an integrated hob, oven and fridge, a dishwasher, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster.

      You must bring your own utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots/pans and any small appliances.

      I’m staying in a shared apartment. What’s included in the shared kitchen and living space?

      A UHD Smart TV with sound bar on top of the large TV console, a sofa with a coffee table, a dining table with seats, usually four large refrigerators with freezer, oven, stove, sink, kettle and toaster. The shared apartment also has mood lighting.

      What is included in my room?

      A queen size bed (1.3m) with storage under the mattress. Mattress with pocket springs and USB charging ports next to the bed, six sockets under the desk, with cable management, a desk light, an ergonomic study chair, windows with blackout curtains, a private bathroom with a powerful shower.

      The studios also have a dining table and integrated kitchen, with fridge with freezer, electric stove and microwave.

      How fast is the WiFi?

      Our Wi-Fi is unlimited, super-fast and free to use.

      Wired speeds reach up to 200Mbs, while the wireless connection can reach up to 100Mbs. The current speed you will experience while connected to the internet can vary and depend on several conditions, such as:

      • The performance of your computer or tablet (eg: age, processing capacity, operating system, number of applications used simultaneously and the presence of any adversity or virus.
      • The type of connection between your device and our equipment. For example, wireless connections can be slower than wired connections. Wireless connections can be subject to greater fluctuations, interference and congestion. We recommend that you connect your device via cable, if possible, and thus leave space for other devices that are using the wireless network.
      • The distance between your device and our equipment.

      The time of day. During peak hours there will be more congestion, which can affect speed than reception.

        Is there a shared apartment cleaning service?

        All the common spaces in your shared apartment are cleaned periodically by our team (it is considered that it will not be a thorough cleaning).

        You need to clean your room and bathroom, keep your shared apartment tidy, take care of your dishwasher and take out recycling and trash.

        What documents do I need to check-in?

        We need to see a photo ID (driving license, passport, identity card), as well as proof of payment of the first monthly payment, and credit card details left on a secure platform.

        Is it okay to check-in outside normal reception hours?

        If you need to arrive after hours, let us know as soon as possible to make sure that we are available to help you.

        Can I sub-let my room?

        No. We do not allow students to rent their rooms at any time during their contracts with us.

        33. COVID19 ADAPTIVE: What is LIV Student doing to keep residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?
        We are working hard behind the scenes to adapt our operations to social spaces, events and services so that we can provide you with safe accommodation, while maintaining a sense of community and fun.

        High levels of cleanliness are carried out regularly, social detachment measures are in place and we are following all the Government's recommendations.

        We are providing all recommendations to our residents. You can find more here: COVID-19-PROTOCOL-FOR-RESIDENTS.pdf

        COVID19 ADAPTIVE: Will the social spaces be open as normal?

        The social spaces are open for your enjoyment, but with measures of social distance. There are capacity limits, opening hours to allow cleaning and reduction of furniture/equipment on site. It is necessary for us to work together, following government guidelines, taking care of each other.

        COVID19 ADAPTIVE: Can I have visitors and overnight guests?

        Yes. The request for authorization to stay overnight must be made by the Resident to the Board at least twenty-four (24) hours before the third party arrives at the Residence. In the request, the Resident must identify the third party (providing the documentation requested by the Board), as well as indicate the number of nights that the third party intends to spend the night in the Unit, which, in no case, may exceed three (3) nights, indicating the Estimated day and time for the third party's Residence to enter and leave.

        The management can always refuse to stay overnight for a third party, if it considers that such a situation could disturb the normal coexistence in the Residence.

        COVID19 ADAPTIVE: Will I still be able to check in as normal?

        We are asking you to arrive with only one person (preferably from your current residence).

        Check-in times may be restricted to promote social distance and prevent overcrowding of elevators and stairs. We will send the arrival information before your check-in.

        What else can I look forward to during my stay?

        With 14 floors of common spaces, study rooms, karaoke, multimedia room, swimming pool, terrace, gym, and with all the safety standards that we offer to our residents. Living in community, with activities promoted by the Residence, in a student environment, where the best memories for life are created.

        Work hard. Help others. Have fun.

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