Student accommodation: living alone or with others?

Student residences offer both single and shared accommodation. Essentially, single accommodation is where you can live on your own, while shared accommodation is designed for several students to live together. Each has its own advantages, which can make it difficult to know which is best for you. If you’re faced with that choice, here are […]

How to recognise good student accommodation

Every day there seem to be more and more student accommodation in every city. They all offer pretty much the same thing: accommodation for university students, but do you know how to spot a good student residence? The best student accommodation doesn’t just offer places to sleep. Instead, they offer amenities, services, good care and […]

Discover Oporto, a university city full of charm

Ciudad de Oporto con entanto para

Porto is a charming city for university students. Unlike the grand avenues of Lisbon, Porto is full of narrow cobbled streets and viewpoints that offer a good view of the Douro River. This city is home to local restaurants, beautiful gardens and inspiring museums. This city is perfect for students to live surrounded by history, […]