Being an Erasmus student in Porto will give you the opportunity to get to know a different culture, make new friends, learn another language, and grow as a person. At the same time, you will be able to study at one of the most recognised universities in Portugal: the University of Porto.

However, having obtained the Erasmus grant is just the beginning of this journey. Now you must organise your trip, and above all, know where to stay during your stay in the city. After all, where you choose to live will have a great influence on your experience as a student.

Where to live as an Erasmus student in Porto

In Porto, you will find different accommodation options. Among the most common are student residences managed by the universities themselves. Their main benefit is that they are usually located on or near the campus, making them very convenient.

Unfortunately, there are long waiting lists to get a place and most of them are reserved for locals. For this reason, many of the foreign university students prefer to stay in other student residences.

There are many reasons that lead them to make this decision. Primarily, many of Porto's university residences are located near the main university buildings of the city, so getting to class on time will not be a problem.

Likewise, residents can find all the services they need to live comfortably without leaving the neighbourhood. Supermarkets, gyms, libraries, bookstores, bus stops, metro stations … All just a stone’s throw away.

On the other hand, living in a student residence as an Erasmus student gives you the opportunity to meet other university students from different cities and countries. Everyone will be going through the adaptation process that moving to another place involves, so they will make you feel like you are not alone.

And finally, what eventually tips the balance towards student residences are all the amenities they offer. There you will not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or paying utility bills. Instead, you will have:

  • Dining room and cafeteria
  • Cleaning service
  • Laundry area
  • Common areas to study, relax, or have fun
  • Training events and workshops
  • Recreational activities

This means that student residences are designed to make your university life as pleasant and easy-to-manage as possible.

How to choose a good student residence in Porto

To stay in one of the best residences in Porto, we recommend following these tips:

Start your search early

As soon as you know that you have been approved for the Erasmus grant, start looking for accommodation. Planning ahead will give you plenty of time to research all the details about each residence.

Grab your computer, sit comfortably, and start looking online. We recommend making a list that includes your favorite options along with their main pros and cons. That way you can make the best decision.

Consider the location

A good trick to choosing the right student residence based on location is to look at the map for nearby metro stations or bus stops. Quick access to public transport will allow you to reach the university in a few minutes.

Another trick would be to choose the student residence that is closest to your faculty, so that you can walk to and fro. This would be a point in favour if you are the kind of person who prefers to get to know the city on foot.

In Porto, the LIV Student residence is located at the Polo Universitario. A few steps from the FEUP and ISEP Faculty of Engineering, the Institute for Research and Innovation, the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Institute of Molecular Medicine, and more besides.

From there, you can take the metro at the Polo Universitario stop to reach any part of the city, including the University of Porto.

Evaluate the services

Choosing a student residence that includes all the necessary services for your day-to-day life will make things much easier. Make sure you have a dining room, cleaning service, laundry area, and good Wi-Fi at the very least.

There is nothing better than having everything on hand without having to pay extra fees. That way you really relax and focus your energies on your university life.

No hay nada mejor que tener todo a la mano sin tener que pagar tarifas extra. Solo así podrás relajarte y enfocar tus energías en tu vida universitaria.

Prioritise comfort

This is where you will spend the next few months and even years, so it should be comfortable and enjoyable. And to make sure that this is the case, we recommend looking at lots of photos and researching opinions of the latest residents on the internet.

On the other hand, remember that you are going to study, not to spend a vacation. Therefore, your room should have a space designed for your computer, notebooks and books. You can't miss a spacious desk, a comfortable study chair, and a desk lamp.

Once there, you will see that staying in a student residence as an Erasmus student will have been the best decision you have made.

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