Among all the accommodation options, student residences have become very popular in recent years. Do you know why? Because of all the services and amenities they offer to college students.

When you move in and start studying at college, the last thing you want to do is cooking and cleaning. There will be so much assignments and exams that you just want time to focus on your studies. In addition, you will have to go through the process of adapting to the new city while dealing with all the stress of being a college student.

One of the best ways to deal with all the challenges you will face is to live in a student residence. At LIV Student, we offer a number of services and amenities that will help you to succeed in your studies and enjoy an easier lifestyle. Check them out below:

1.  Laundry 

When you rent a room, you may not have a washing machine and dryer, so you may have to look for a laundry facility nearby. If you're lucky, you'll find one a few blocks away, but you'll have to make that trip from home to the laundromat every week and spend hours sitting there waiting for the washer and dryer to do its job.

At LIV Student Residences, we offer our residents access to a laundry room located in the same building. All they have to do is come down from their room with everything they need to wash and use the laundry equipment.

While their clothes are being washed and dried, they can even go back to their room and use a timer to know when to come back downstairs. It's so easy and comfortable, since they can return to their activities while they wait and they are only a few steps away from the laundry room.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning is another responsibility that comes with the decision to study in another city. Just like cooking, cleaning takes time and many times, students are so focused on their day-to-day lives that they forget to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms.

At LIV Student, we offer room cleaning services to make life easier for our residents. This service involves less responsibility, so it makes your lifestyle more comfortable.

3. WiFi Connection

College students can't live in a place with a poor internet connection. As a student you will have so much research and homework to do that it will be very complicated and frustrating to live in a place with weak internet. That's why at LIV Student, we offer a super fast WiFi connection that you can connect to from your room and anywhere in the building.

4. Entertainment facilities

Unlike any apartment or rented room, the student residences have facilities specially designed for students to have fun and be entertained in their free time.

At LIV Student, we have great facilities for spending time with friends, chatting and having fun without leaving the building. You can watch a movie in the multimedia room, take a swim in the pool or take a breath of fresh air on the terrace.

Other facilities such as the study room, games room, gym and yoga studio, living room and private lounge are also at your disposal. So, you won't have to go far to enjoy different activities.

Overall, if you compare all the benefits and amenities offered by the residences and the other accommodation options; it is clear that the residence halls will be your best option for a good college experience.

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