9 tips to become a successful student

Consejos para ser un es

All students want to excel, but sometimes distractions complicate the process. If you want to improve your academic performance and don’t know where to start, don’t despair. Being a successful student requires commitment, focus and discipline. Nothing comes easy, so you will have to work a little harder every day to become a better student. […]

6 tips for taking good notes at university

apontamentos na universidade

Taking notes in high school was the same as copying what the teacher had written on the blackboard, but at university, most teachers give long lectures and don’t write anything down. What’s the result? You don’t take notes either and when the exam is coming up, you don’t even know what to study. This is […]

4 services offered by student residences

Among all the accommodation options, student residences have become very popular in recent years. Do you know why? Because of all the services and amenities they offer to college students. When you move in and start studying at college, the last thing you want to do is cooking and cleaning. There will be so much […]

5 things that you’ll only find in a student residence

What differentiates student residences from other types of accommodation are the facilities. Services like housekeeping and access to facilities like the swimming pool and rooftop terrace are some of the things you’ll only find in a student residence. At LIV Student, we provide you services and common areas that you won’t find anywhere else. And […]

Security in student residences

Before moving into a student residence, it is important to make sure it is safe for you and your belongings. You will be keeping some of your most precious valuables there, such as your computer, mobile and other electronic devices. You may even have a watch or a piece of jewellery that holds a lot […]

Differences between a student residence and a halls of residence

In Spain, university students are often torn between living in a student residence or in a residence hall (Colegio Mayor). Although the two are great accommodation options for university students, they are quite different when compared. So that you know which accommodation best suits your tastes and interests, we will tell you the main differences […]

Start studying at university

Starting university is rarely easy for students. Making new friends, getting familiar with subjects, and moving house for the first time are all new challenges. The first year of university is often the hardest, but by following a few basic tips it is possible to succeed and get all the way to achieving the prized […]