Before moving into a student residence, it is important to make sure it is safe for you and your belongings. You will be keeping some of your most precious valuables there, such as your computer, mobile and other electronic devices. You may even have a watch or a piece of jewellery that holds a lot of value.

These objects are often visible to the naked eye, either on the desk or next to the table lamp. Sometimes they can be found in the top drawer of your nightstand. In any case, it is easy to find them, so it is essential to make sure that they will be protected in your absence.

Fortunately, the best dormitories have security systems and protocols that ensure the care of residents and their possessions. Here are some of the most vital ones to feel protected.

Established policies

A good student residence should have a manual that includes security policies. This manual defines the rules that residents must follow to ensure safety within its spaces, as well as the guidelines to follow in case of emergencies.

This document also outlines the protection measures that are applied in the residences, as well as the reception.

The existence of these policies demonstrates the seriousness and commitment of the administration with the safety of the spaces and the residents. If your residence does not have them, it is a bad sign.

Security locks

Another aspect that you should look at before moving to a student residence is the type of locks used. Not only on the front door but also on the bedroom doors.

They should be security locks that students cannot copy without authorisation from the administration. In this way, you will have the peace of mind that no one else has access to residence spaces and especially to your room.

Generally, electronic keys are used that open the doors by passing them in front of a sensor.

Restricted access

In addition to security locks, a good student residence has 24-hour security personnel at the main entrances to the building. This ensures that no matter what time it is, a guard will be present to ensure that only residents are entering the premises.

Ultimately, this is one of the most important aspects, since there is no possibility that an entry is forced and an intruder manages to enter without being seen.

Security cameras

Your student residence should have CCTV security cameras. These should be located at strategic points in the building, such as the front door, common areas, elevator, and hallways.

Ideally, a security officer will monitor what is happening 24 hours a day. In this way, any irregularity can be reported in good time to the corresponding personnel.

It is worth noting that security cameras are not only used to detect intruders and prevent theft. They are also useful for observing student behavior in order to stop improper acts such as arguments and fights between residents, or consumption of alcohol on the premises.

Communication with the authorities

One of the biggest advantages of living in a student residence is that the security systems are often linked to the city police or fire departments, depending on the type of emergency.

In this way, the relevant authorities are immediately alerted to attend to the emergency as soon as possible. It is for this reason that when a resident activates the alarms unnecessarily, they can receive a fine.

24/7 Availability

The building reception should be available 24 hours a day, every day.

If this is the case at your residence, you can trust that all emergencies and student calls will be taken care of quickly. If not, we fear that in an emergency, you will not have anyone to count on. Especially at night, which is when most irregular acts occur, while everyone is sleeping.

For this reason, it is so important to verify that the reception staff remain on the premises at all times. Likewise, we recommend having the extension number to be able to communicate directly with those in charge when necessary.

At LIV Student, we take care of every detail related to the safety and protection of our residents. Therefore, by being part of our community, you will have the peace of mind that you and your belongings are in a safe environment.

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