When a child leaves home to study in another city or country, one of the main concerns has to do with their accommodation. We know that you are looking for a comfortable place close to campus, with all the necessary services.

That is why we will tell you the best option: a student residence. Student residences are not just buildings with bedrooms and study rooms, they are spaces designed to become a home for university students.

There students have the opportunity to be surrounded by a friendly and stimulating environment. The best thing is that they will not have to worry about anything other than studying, since they have cleaning service, dining room, and laundry provided. What’s more, it is the perfect place to make friends and meet other students from different cultures.

Living in a student residence implies great educational and enriching advantages for any university student. Get to know the best ones!

Spaces designed for study

The main pedagogical advantage that student residences offer is that they have spaces designed for study. Your child will have a desk and a comfortable chair to study, read, and do homework right in their room.

In the common areas of the building, they will also have a study room where they can meet with other classmates to review lessons, plan upcoming presentations, and discuss topics.

These environments are designed to encourage concentration and order, as well as to keep students focused on study.

Strategic location

Most student residences are located near the most important universities in each city. This allows residents to walk to their faculty and get to classes in minutes.

Near the buildings are also the main public transport services, making it easy to get to any point in the city. Likewise, students can find libraries, supermarkets and sports facilities in the vicinity of their residences.

This is because the residence buildings are built in strategic locations that facilitate the integration of students to the university and the new city.

Exclusive events and activities

Your child will connect with the heart of university life through events held in a student residence.

These special activities range from workshops and lectures to masterclasses in which young people acquire new skills and knowledge. The most striking thing is that they also become opportunities to meet other students and expand their network of friends.

Friends and companions

When students come from other cities or countries, they must integrate into the new social context that surrounds them. This is not an easy task, especially if they are alone.

In a student residence, your child will meet other students who will be going through the same situation, so that they can feel supported and accompanied. In fact, their first friends are most likely not classmates but other residents.

Furthermore, each time they visit the common areas of the residence they will have new opportunities to connect with other students. These bonds of friendship are very important, as they will be their main support while studying at the university.

Better security

The security protocols used in student residences will make you feel more at ease. Especially when compared to those offered by other accommodation options such as shared flats.

Residential buildings have 24-hour surveillance, emergency action plans, and association with the city's security forces. Therefore, all residents live under a high level of security.

Opportunities for personal growth

In university residences, students spend every day with other young people; so they have the opportunity to improve their social skills. Especially communication, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Another of the great advantages of living in a student residence are all the commodities it offers. Each resident has all the basic services without having to worry about paying water or electricity bills.

The buildings have laundry rooms, so you don't have to leave the building looking for a place to wash your clothes. In addition, they have cleaning and dining services, so you do not have to worry about cleaning or preparing your meals on a daily basis.

By living in a residence hall, they will be able to put their full attention on their studies and put aside the responsibilities that come with renting a flat.

From all perspectives, these spaces will allow your child to adapt little by little to their new independence and at the same time, lead their university life in the best way possible.

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