Going from high school to university can be an overwhelming change for many. This is the moment when you will begin to feel free and independent, but also with many responsibilities.

University is a completely new environment that you will face with less orientation compared to school. To be prepared for this big change, it is essential to have an idea of ​​what awaits you at university

Feeling more freedom and independence

At university, you will be on your own for the first time. From choosing which career to study to being able to leave and enter campus whenever you want, every step you take will be your decision.

However, it is important not to get carried away by this feeling of freedom, as you will also have new obligations. To maintain an organised lifestyle, it is best to balance your day-to-day for both leisure and homework or studies.

Being more responsible for your education

Your teachers will give the classes, but they will not chase after you. Most of them are busy with research projects and even work outside the university, so teaching, in some cases, is not their only activity.

Also, professors assume that students are adults, so they will treat you as such. That is why they do not insist university students attend classes or submit research papers or homework.

In fact, the responsibility of attending classes and completing assignments is entirely yours. And if you do not assume it as such, you could harm the quality of your education and as a consequence, decrease your academic performance.

Making new friends

It is very common to share interests and goals with your classmates, so the bonds of friendship that you build with them can last for many years.

These are the people who will offer you jobs and job opportunities in the future. They are even the ones who will write a reference about you to help you land that dream job.

For these reasons, college is a great place to make new friends. We recommend making the most of every opportunity to meet people, as that will be the basis of a solid network of contacts in your industry.

Spending more time alone

Even though you will have a group of friends, you will not coincide with them in all classes nor will they share the same schedule. In fact, there will be classes in which you will not recognise anyone, and when you leave, you will have to return home alone.

Like many other university experiences, this will teach you to stand up for yourself and be more independent.

Developing your critical thinking

At school, teachers are dedicated to teaching, and students to learning lessons. In contrast, at university, professors tend to invite students to reflect and debate ideas. Therefore, there is more room for critical thinking.

Learning in different ways

All teachers are different, so their subjects are different too. Some prefer to write a lot on their whiteboards, while others are more comfortable giving long oral lessons.

There are also those who assign a lot of readings for more independent study, as well as those who base their teaching on the practical application of knowledge. It all depends on the methodology used by the teacher.

Discovering new ways of thinking

One of the most exciting aspects of studying at university is discovering new ways of thinking. Many times your own ideas will clash with the beliefs and ideologies of some teachers and classmates.

This happens because the university is a space for diversity, the meeting of ideas and critical thinking. Thanks to this, at the end of your degree, you will have a more mature, open and tolerant way of thinking.

Living at a faster pace

As you start university, it is normal to feel somewhat overloaded with classes, new content, and homework. This often creates the feeling of living a faster and even more stressful pace of life.

However, as long as you keep your priorities in order and are up to date with your readings and assignments, you can have your life under control.

Doing academic exchanges

One of the great possibilities offered by the university is to do an academic exchange program. Thus, you could attend a university in another city or country for a semester or a year.

This experience has great benefits, since it offers the opportunity to learn with teachers from other latitudes and participate in different projects. As a result, you will develop new skills and abilities, as well as a broader perspective on your career.

It is also a good opportunity to get to know another culture, visit places you have never been to before, make new friends, and be more independent.

Studying at university is a great experience from start to finish. And now that you know what to expect, you are more than ready to get started.

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